Julie Couch

First post: May 5, 2019 Latest post: Sep 24, 2019
Hello to all.

I want to share the goodness of God with you. 

On Feb.10 when I got out bed, both my legs had sharp spasms and gave out on me. I also had difficulty walking or standing. I was eventually able to see a Neurologist, and after several tests and 2 MRI's, a cyst was shown pressing against my lower spine and 2 disc's had degenerated. To help relieve my pain and remove the cyst, I am scheduled for a TLIF and Posterior Fixation open back surgery on June 4, Tuesday. This will include screws and rods inserted and bone grafts. The recovery is at least 3 months with no lifting, but I will be starting to walk the day after surgery. 

The Lord, our Father God is so faithful and His Word is so real to me. I have never had surgery before and this surgery brings many anxious thoughts. The more I draw nearer to the Lord, The more I am trusting Him to work this "All for His good" Romans 8:28.

My toughest time may be after the surgery(following the Dr.'s orders to the tee) and being patient with the healing process. I ask my family in the Lord to pray for peace for me and total trust in the Lord God and His faithfulness. 

Thank you for reading my new chapter in my life, and may the Lord God be honored and glorified through this challenge.

The Lord surround you with His love,
Julie Couch