Juleen Lenz

First post: Aug 3, 2021 Latest post: Jul 6, 2022
This chapter of Juleen’s story began in the first week of June with some discomfort in the area of her pancreas.  About 8 years ago, Juleen trudged through a year and half long battle with pancreatitis and many many procedures to treat it.  She definitely learned from that experience where her pancreas is, and  she could feel that something was up, so she decided to get it checked out.  The next several weeks were a blur of CT scans, biopsies, second opinions and treatment decisions.  At last, on July 12th, she began her chemotherapy regimen  to treat pancreatic cancer at the University of Minnesota with Oncologist Dr. Edward Greeno.  Needless to say, anybody who knows Ken and Juleen’s family knows this difficult news greets them amidst their grief over the loss of Mark.  Still, they keep showing up at life and making the best of it, hardly missing a thing and encouraging all of us to be strong and faithful by their example.  

It turns out that when you have poured out love on as many people as Juleen and Ken have, there are a lot of people filled with care, concern and questions about how they are doing. All of the calls, texts, cards and gifts are greatly appreciated.  Please check here for updates on Juleen’s treatment. We will do our best to keep it updated, and know that she appreciates your patience if you don’t hear back from her.