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We decided to use Caring Bridge to keep everyone updated about our mom's journey. 
     As most of you know, in 2014 Judy was diagnosed with Endometrial Carcinoma Sarcoma. This is a rare and very aggressive cancer, with a high probability of-re occurrence within the first year.  She bravely underwent 6 rounds of Chemo and kicked this cancer's butt for a little over 2 years.  However, in July of 2017, a hernia developed and she underwent hernia surgery.  Surgery was successful, however,  the pathology report came back showing microscopic cancer cells in the fatty tissue of the hernia.  She didn't let that break her spirit.  Her courage, positive attitude and strength was inspirational.  She continued to battle, with 6 more rounds of Chemotherapy. These rounds were much harder on her body, but her resolve was amazing.  All appeared to be looking good and after the 6 additional rounds her tumor marker numbers were down and her scans were clear.  However, her oncologist wanted to make sure that the cells were completely gone.  She ordered a PET scan. Unfortunately, small microscopic cells were still present.  She underwent 3 more rounds of Chemo, hoping that this would kill the last of the cells; but the cancer stopped responding to the Chemo treatment.    
    She wanted to try a promising trial, at the University of Chicago. She was all set to start the trial,  when she had some pressure on her kidneys and was not able to participate in that trial. This was very disappointing. But she still was not ready to give into the cancer.  She had 2 more rounds of a different Chemo and some targeted radiation. She is an amazing and strong woman. 

       Judy has come to the point that her body cannot take any more treatment.  It’s been an up and down struggle with rounds of chemo followed by a time of remission.  She has elected to go into hospice care.   As Judy's children, we are so proud of the brave way she took on this battle, she is a warrior and our hero!

    We appreciate your support and words of hope and encouragement.
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