Joyce Weber

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I'm telling the story because there were signs back in November/December that had she known the symptoms, she would have gone to the Dr. long before she did.    So if you have lost weight for unexplained reasons, lose your appetite and/or have tightness in the abdomen area, get it checked out. 

In March 2018 mom went to the doctor, who noticed Mom had lost 23 lbs since November 2017.  Mom let her know that she had lost some of her appetite and was having random pains in her abdomen, that were not associated with anything (not necessarily after eating, etc.).  She had her annual exam at the end of April & had lost more weight and the random pains were still there.  She set up an appt for Mom to have an ultra sound done, the beginning of May, where they discovered the scarring on the liver, which her led her Dr. to believe Mom had chorrosis of the liver and referred her to a Gastrointestinal Specialist, Dr. Ravi.  They were not able to get into see him until the end of June for a consult where he confirmed the chorrosis of the liver & set up an appt to drain the fluid from her abdomen July 3rd.  It was between her ultra sound & her appt with Dr. Ravi, that her belly started to get really tight.  After the 4 liters of fluid was drained, they sent to be tested - for what, Mom didn't know.   They called mom July 6th, with the new that there were cancer cells in the fluid. 

She saw the oncologist, Dr. Rahim, in Waterloo, July 12,2018 and he confirmed it is cancer, most likely ovarian, late 3rd stage or early stage 4 & he would like to make an appt for her in Iowa City, since they have the gynoncologist oncologist down there.  More waiting....the appt wasn't until August 2.  We did not figure we would find out anything that day,  but we did know she was going to have surgery & would call Mom with a date, which we found out on Friday, would be the very next Tuesday, August 7 @ 10:45am.