Joy Adams

First post: Feb 13, 2019 Latest post: Aug 14, 2019
Fall of 2018, Joy began to not feel well and was sent to a urologist for further examination.  After biopsies and scans, Joy was diagnosed with Bladder Cancer in October 2018. She had surgery to remove her bladder in December 2018.  She had a rough healing process and began having horrible pain on her left side and down her leg.  After further MRI's, scans, and biopsies, we met with the oncologist today to get the results.  It was determined that the cancer has already spread and now presented itself in tumors on her left and right side of the pelvis pressing on nerves causing most of her excruciating pain.  As her parents so appropriately named her, Joy continues to reflect the spirit of God through her attitude and her determination that she will win this battle.  All the continued love, support, and prayers from her friends, family, and beloved church St. Georges is the core source of her strength.