thanksgiving 2022

Josh Withers

First post: Feb 22, 2023 Latest post: Feb 22, 2023
Hello Everyone.  Kate and I wanted a way to document our journey through colorectal cancer.  We hope it will be useful to not only keep family and friends informed, but also as hope to others who face this road.  Our goal is to be very transparent so that others can see the struggles.  Although our faith is extremely strong, there will be moments where it will be tested.  We want others to be able to draw strength from our journey and know that they are not alone.  We covet your prayers in 4 areas and in this order:

During this trial,
1.  God please give me praise and worship that is honoring to You.
2.  God please give me faith that amazes You.
3.  God please let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be honoring to You.
4.  God please deliver healing that is revealing of You.

Thanks everyone!!!!!!!!!
Josh and Kate