Joshua Walworth

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Joshua Walworth
April 17, 1984 - February 25, 2020

We will always love you.

Previous site introduction (written 2/20/19)      Hi family and friends (and also people who know our family and friends and are here to pray for us). Thank you for caring and being in our lives. We feel your prayers every moment. 
      Josh was diagnosed with osteosarcoma in June, 2018. The treatment was grueling and required 6 rounds of chemo, 3 of which were done in the hospital while he lay completely still for over 24 hours each time. His entire right femur was removed, along with some muscle, and replaced with a rod, custom cage, and screws. In December his scan showed one tiny nodule in his lung that we’d been watching was continuing to grow. He had lung surgery to remove this nodule, which was found to be metastatic osteosarcoma. This means it’s the same cancer cells as his primary tumor, but moved to the lungs. 
      His February scan showed that several of his “micronodules” in his lungs had grown, and some new ones appeared. Though having micronodules can be normal, this definitely means osteosarcoma is still in his lungs. This means his pathway back to good health is no longer as clearly cut. 
      We believe our Jesus can do anything, and he almost always works through the people he brings us: our expert doctors, incredible nurses, and devoted family and friends. Even people we have never met are praying daily for Josh to live a long life and be completely healed. Thank you for being by our side. 

Q: do you have a gofundme?
A: No, gofundme charges fees to each donor, and we don’t have a specific fundraising goal at this time. Some people have generously given us financial gifts by: sending on Venmo, mailing checks, or emailing restaurant gift cards. If you need contact info for any of these, ask me, Deb K, Linda K, or Mandy M. 

Q: do you need meals?
A: Occasionally, I will link a meal train site to sign up for meals. Right now, our freezer is stocked! Thank you to everyone who has been feeding us.