Joshua Hunter Joshua "New Lungs" Hunter

First post: Dec 25, 2021 Latest post: Jan 22, 2022
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I've had a 12-15 year Interstitial Lung Disease called Sarcoidosis. It is rare. It is generally an idiopathic autoimmune issue that can affect multiple organs, senses, and skin tissue throughout the body and is considered a terminal illness. Mine so happens to be contained to my lungs. While all my other organs are strong, about 3 - 4 years ago, the deterioration of these lungs began to really affect my capabilities. I use supplemental oxygen on a 24/7 continuous schedule. I no longer work, except for a few small remote projects. Singing is compromised as it is met by a one-count note, followed by as deep of a breath as I can muster, in order to sing another one-count note. I keep trying to do inside chores to contribute just a little bit to our family, but with more exertion, it exacerbates more coughing and shortness of breath, which in turn, causes pneumothorax issues, of which I've survived 3 in the last two years, 2 within the past 90-days, 4 total. Except for my faith and my undying love for my family, my quality of life is minimal. I've had times in the past two months where I stood in the middle of our house debating the worth of extra exertion's toll for getting one thing at the other end. I never imagined a scenario where a 30-minute elliptical session, some sit-to-stands without extra weight for a workout, and a brief shower could physically wear me out.  I hate admitting those realities. I would rather look the other way. Truthfully, I was in denial for a long time. But it is not going away. And to put it in sharp contrast, it is not surprising to my physician team at University of Washington. The reasons I mentioned above are precisely why my amazing doctor, Dr. Bridgette Collins, conveyed the importance of an early referral to the Lung Transplant Program, because if we can transplant now, while all my other organs are healthy and I am still somewhat physically fit, my story should be a success in the making. It's not too big of a leap mentally to see a full recovery, with 2 beautiful lungs functioning healthy, allowing me to re-engage with my family and friends like I haven't been able since before 2017. 

This illness is not end for me; I am not defined by it. I truly believe those statements. Whether by supernatural healing over time because God is merciful or by a renowned surgeon's guidance and an outstanding medical team with nurses and coordinators truly vested in their patient's survival, and He has ordained all the details of coordination to come together for such a time as this, well then, To God Be The Glory. You'll see and hear me singing again with full gusto, able to breathe and sing from my diaphragm the way it was intended!