Josh Pientka

First post: Feb 19, 2022 Latest post: Feb 28, 2022
We are using it to keep family and friends updated in one place. We not looking for donations but would appreciate all of your prayers, support, and words of hope and encouragement.  

Josh was admitted to Froedtert hospital on Thursday, February 17th after experiencing arm numbness, nausea, and confusion.   This was the second time this had occurred, as he had a similar attack last Saturday accompanied by a headache.  He currently is undergoing multiple tests to determine the root cause, but in oder to do so, must be intubated and sedated.  They performed a CT scan yesterday and saw no brain bleeding, as well as MRI and noticed no masses (both good signs).  They also performed an MRI on his spine and noticed no masses or abnormalities, with the exception of swelling where the brain and spine meet.  Doctors are currently working to get that swelling down and determine the cause.  

With all of that being said, his vital signs are strong and other blood work and tests have shown he is a healthy 35 year old male.  He is a fighter and he is going to get through this.  God is watching out for him and walking with him, guiding doctors to identify and treat what is wrong, and get him back to the Josh we all know and love.

At this point we have ideas and are in the the process of elimination.  It's clear that this will be a long road, for him, and all of us that care so deeply for him.  We are playing it day by day and continuously adjusting "the plan".  We don't know how long he will be at the hospital, but we will all be with him every step.  Please stay positive and focused on the task at hand.  He's responding well when we turn down his sedation and wake him up to make sure he’s still functioning the way he should.  He knows we're here, and nodded when asked if he wanted to see his mom and Angie.  Again all good signs, but also still a lot of unknowns.  

Thank you to everyone that has reached out.  We will will try to give an update at the end of each day.  Each day is a new day with new possibilities that we'll be able to get him home to his daughter, family, and friends.  Please keep him and the family in your prayers and ask that God gives him strength as he overcomes this challenge.