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First post: Sep 10, 2021 Latest post: Nov 1, 2021
Joshua had been very sick since August 27.   Very tired, sick to his stomach, had some nausea, and was weak.  His brother, Daniel who is an RN, checked on him daily. His lungs were clear each time and his BP was good. He didn't go to the doctor or clinic, but his wife, Lesley, was also experiencing the same symptoms.  She went to be tested for covid a few days later and texted positive.  Josh didn't get the official test at the same time but was told that he probably had the virus as well.  Lesley regained her strength in about 7 - 10 days, but he continued to get worse and weaker and weaker.  Could hardly walk up and down his steps.  Those who know Joshua, know how active he is and is very physical when doing his work mowing and caring for lawns.  He also manages and maintains the farm at Sampson's Hollow.  On September 7, I called Nurse Patty at Dr. Groth's office and asked that Dr. Travis see Josh as soon as possible.  As his mom, I was very concerned and had flashbacks to when my brother went through this same thing.  Lesley took Josh to see Dr. Groth the next morning at 7:45.  By 8:00, he was in an ambulance going to Blount Memorial Hospital.  His oxygen level was very low.  Blount Memorial responded very promptly and began treatments via IV and administering oxygen.  A CT scan revealed that Josh's lungs were very inflamed and he was in distress.  They quickly admitted him to ICU.  He is not on a ventilator as of yet.  That is a possibility, but his wonderful doctor is trying to avoid that at this time.  It's day-by-day consideration and that scares all of us.  Dr. Groth has privileges at Blount and has checked on Josh multiple times.  Every doctor should be as compassionate as he is toward their patients. Lesley has only told the boys that their dada is in the hospital to recover and to get stronger.  Gray suspects something and Shay, specifically, is missing his best friend. 

We have been surrounded with prayers and encouragement.  We feel those prayers.  Our family is one of faith and trust in our Creator.  Josh is in His hands and we know that God loves him even more than any of us could imagine.  I believe with all my heart that Josh has more work to do on this earth in his ministry and outreach.  Josh has friends who are lost and I know he wants to continue to minister to these individuals.  

Today's update is that Josh is resting well and still on oxygen.  The doctor reported that medicine that had been being used to treat CoVid patients had been out of supply due to demand, but they just got delivery of that medicine this morning and he is now being given that med. The Hospitalist caring for Josh is also very compassionate.  Several doctors and nurses prayed with Josh and Lesley when Josh arrived yesterday.  This is the medicine that I prioritize for my son. I pray that God will guide his medical team to care for Josh as I would if I had their knowledge and the depth of love I have for my children.  As their mom, I have always stayed with my sons when they were in the hospital -- most often for broken bones.  Josh was in the hospital for almost three weeks right before he turned 16 for appendicitis.   I stayed with him every night.  That is the hard reality of this is that his wife, sons, and family can't be with him. We couldn't be with my brother either.  Those who know Josh, know how much he values being with family, friends and doing for others. He loves showing kindness to others.  His dad and I have been very blessed to have our three sons who have compassion for other people. 

So, I will try to post updates as I receive them. The doctor will call Lesley daily.  She has had to have super strength, faith, and endurance these last several days. Lesley's oldest brother, his wife, and their three-year-old daughter were in a horrific accident the day before Josh was admitted.  She was on her way to fly out to be there as well as help with their children.  All three of them survived but will be unable to care for their kids by themselves.  The sister-in-law is in danger of losing her arm which was mangled in the accident. Lesley's dad and brother, Jeffrey are with them now.

Josh has his phone to text her and his immediate family, but we are asking that others not try to text him.  He needs his rest. He needs to focus on not being agitated. We know that you want to know what is going on and we will share information as we can.  The doctor may take away his contact with his wife if the texting keeps him from resting.  Please respect this request.  He wouldn't want us to tell you that, but we have to think of what is best for him as he gains strength.  Please continue to pray.  Those of you who have not committed your life to Jesus Christ as your personal Savior, please do.  Life changes so very quickly but eternity never changes once you have made your choice.  Josh would want me to share that with you.  Thank you again for checking on him.  Love, Janice