Joseph Coogan

First post: Jun 14, 2021 Latest post: Sep 16, 2021
On June 9th around 1pm, on their way to see friends near Lincoln Nebraska, Joseph (3 year old) was in the back left of the car, and Judah (4 years old) was sitting in the back right of the car. They were hit by a gravel dump truck, which completely smashed and caved in the entire left side of the car. Joseph was air-lifted to The University of Nebraska immediately. Neurosurgeons operated on him as quickly as possible. The 4 hour operation entailed cleaning his brain from debris and extending the gash in his skull to release pressure from his head as his brain continues to swell. They said that if it wasn’t for Joseph’s skull fracturing, he would have died at the scene due to the swelling of his brain. Joseph was transferred to the Pediatric ICU for them to continue to monitor his head pressure and vitals in a medically induced coma. The swelling of his brain peaked around 72 hours and by God’s grace the pressure in his head did not elevate to even near the level where they would be concerned. Now they are continuing to move forward in the process of keeping him stable and moving him forward in recovery as fast as possible. He has done extremely well and all the doctors are very happy. 

Judah was checked out of the hospital with only a bruised ear which has already healed in the past 5 days. Beth was not hardly able to walk the day of the accident due to an injury to her hip. Today she is able to walk perfectly fine and her whiplash and bruising continue to heal more each day.

We are so thankful the Lord protected Joseph’s life and has an amazing plan for him. We know that no weapon formed against us shall prosper and we are proclaiming the victory is the Lord’s. We know He has us in the palm of His Hand and we trust Him.