Jon Weaver

First post: Sep 29, 2018 Latest post: Nov 13, 2018

 On Friday September 21 Jonathan Weaver of Wendell ID was attempting to retrieve a toy remote airplane caught on a power line. In the process there was an electrical arc  and Jon was badly burned. He is currently in the burn unit at the University of Utah Hospital in Salt Lake City. His one leg has been amputated below the knee and as of this writing he is still in an induced coma due to a number of factors. There are many small expenses being incurred and many larger ones will follow. Thank you for considering this need. It is much appreciated.Jon is a beloved husband of Naomi (Rohrer) and five children, Candace 22, Lisa 20, Kalinda 18, Larry 15, and Carl 13. He is also elder at Sonlight Bible Fellowship, an unaffiliated mennonite congregation in Wendell, ID. 

The accident happened Friday evening as preparations for their evening meal were being finished up. Naomi's mother Rose, widowed 5 months ago, had driven up from Craig CO with granddaughter Crystal that day and  had arrived at Jon's a couple hours before. Jon was attempting to remove his youngest son Carl's toy styrofoam airplane from electric wires in the nearby pasture, with Carl looking on. An electrical arc occurred between the wire and the pole Jon was maneuvering from the ground, throwing him to a prone position and lighting him on fire momentarily. He did not lose consciousness and was in extreme agony. Jon is the kind that most people would rarely know if he is in pain; in this case, his suffering was heart wrenching for all who heard and saw him. 
Naomi accompanied him on the helicopter ride to the burn center in Salt Lake City. The trip was made longer by needing to refuel in Twin Falls ID. Naomi's heart was ministered to through a beautiful sunset, and the shining of the moon as they flew.
At some point after being given morphine Jon was asked to rate his current pain level. He put it at a 10. 
Jon and Naomi were able to be together at the hospital while Jon was evaluated, and put on oxygen. The doctor shared some general projections of what would or could be needed. He also told them because of the severity of trauma to Jon's body, it was a life threatening situation.
As they prepared to take Jon into surgery late Friday night, the most apparent urgent concern was his feet, one of which was  turning purple due to blood flow being constricted. His belly and feet were the primary areas of external burning, with his feet being the worst. 
Naomi bravely waited out much of the several hour long surgery by herself till her children arrived. Charles (brother) and wife Kathy arrived a bit later, and Dan (brother) and family. It was a long night for everyone, as they waited for word that they could go see Jon. They were able to see him around 6:00 Saturday morning. He was unresponsive due to sedation, but ALIVE, praise God.