Jon Van Dyke

First post: May 10, 2020 Latest post: Jul 9, 2020
Jon was admitted to the hospital on April 20th. Part of his small intestine was pinched. The tissue died and a large section of his intestine had to be removed. He had 3 surgeries to remove and repair the small intestine. He was recovering and improving until April 29th when part of the splice opened. Intestinal fluids drained into his abdominal cavity and the infection returned. It appeared he would not recover so the hospital allowed family to stay with him for three days. On May 1st he started talking and wanted a sandwich and pizza. The next morning he wanted coffee and an omelette. He expressed a strong will to continue fighting so on May 2nd we changed his care plan from comfort to treatment. 

His body is not yet strong enough for another surgery. He continues to receive antibiotics and IV nutrition as he fights the infection and tries to regain strength. The hospital will not allow visitors for treatment patients due to COVID restrictions. We are calling him daily so he knows we love him and continue to support him even though we can't be there with him in person. 

We will provide regular updates on this site to keep family and friends in the loop on his progress.