Joni Siebert

First post: Jan 28, 2019 Latest post: Mar 11, 2019
Joni Siebert is a single mother to her daughters Chloe and Olivia who was diagnosed with breast cancer in May of 2018.  On her 49th birthday, April 27, 2018 she went in for her first ever mammogram,   That mammogram showed dense breast tissue, the doctors requested a second one and she went into the mammogram expecting a routine and normal result.  After the second mammogram they did an ultra sound right there and then.  They proceeded to do three different biopsies, leaving her shocked and scared after what she thought was a routine appointment.  She was diagnosed with Invasive Lobular Carcinoma, all three biopsies were positive.  There were no lumps, no signs, no symptoms, no obvious signs.  An MRI revealed a 15cm x 5cm growth in her left breast.  This was an incredibly large area.  Immediately, she had a port surgically inserted and began chemotherapy infusions for month, losing her hair, eyelashes and eyebrows along with numerous severe side effects including lowered immunity.  Due to the severe side effects and lowered immunity, the Doctor's asked Joni to not return to work during this time, leaving her without her full time income.  In the middle of all of this, the home that Joni and her girls had been renting for almost ten years was sold to new owners.  She had 45 days to not only move out, but find a new place to live on limited income, while taking treatments and 30 days before her lumpectomy surgery.  She had to move immediately because the realtor didn't want her recovering there while showing the house.  Luckily, Joni found a place to live, but of course this came with even more unexpected costs.   Once the chemo ended a surgery was scheduled to remove the rest of the tumor and begin reconstructive surgery on the breast.  We were all excited because the chemo had reduced the tumor significantly when removed.  Joni was excited to go back to work in January of 2019 and close this chapter in her life or so she thought...she went to her next appointment positive and upbeat and completely unprepared for the news she would receive.  The new scans revealed more cancer.  This time an invisible cancer, detected in the blood but not by MRI, lumps or any other warning signs.  The diagnosis, Invisible Hormonal Cancer.  A new round of treatment was prescribed an 18 week round of new chemo and radiation therapy along with a complete total mastectomy of the right and left breasts.  Because this is a hormonal cancer she is receiving shots in her abdomen every 4 weeks to throw the body into menopause and she will also have to continue with a hormone blocker for 5 years.  In addition to this terrible news, Joni's insurance company is fighting some of the necessary tests she had done in May, forcing bills to pile up quickly as she and her Doctor's try to contest the bills.  One test alone they are fighting is $8,000 that she will be responsible in full.  In addition to this, there are all the costs from May until now, and in January 2019, the deductible started over.  Joni is not expected to be able to return to work anytime soon, the bills just keep adding up.  While no one likes asking for help, one must have to ask to receive.  We are asking for contributions for the linked GoFundMe account on this page.  Please go to How To Help and donate through the GoFundMe Icon.  We will be updating this site throughout Joni's journey.  Thank you for prayers, shares, kind words and also for taking the time to read Joni's story.  Every little bit helps, please help our family in showing Joni how much we all care.  If we all give a little we can gain a lot.  Blessings!