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First post: Jan 28, 2020 Latest post: Mar 14, 2020
At the beginning of June 2019, I was watching cartoons with my 3 kids and I suddenly lost all feeling on the left side of my body. I don’t have any of the dietary or health issues that normally accompany strokes and the fact that I’m only 36 years old confused everyone at the hospital. They eventually found that I have a rare, progressive vascular brain disorder called Moyamoya disease. While they weren’t able to offer much information in the ICU, right before we left a very special woman there blessed us by putting us into contact with a vascular neurosurgeon. We soon found out that he has more experience with Moyamoya disease than most surgeons we would be able to find in the U.S. After lots of scans and appointments throughout 2019, we finally have a path forward with a surgical procedure.

The brain surgeries I will undergo are called EDAS. Basically, they will take a superior artery that is currently connected to my scalp and reroute it to the surface of my brain. Over time new blood veins will grow into my brain creating new blood supply and hopefully preventing further stroke risk. My surgery date is set for January 29th. This surgery will take me out for about a week and then I will be unable to work post-craniotomy from 2-4 weeks. Then on March 11th we will do the exact same thing once more, but on the left side of my head; same procedure duration estimate and same recovery time estimate.

Our family, friends, and my Stress family has been so overwhelmingly selfless and helpful. I am honored to have been blessed with such good people all around me. Thanks to everyone for all your support!