Jonathan Ackerman

First post: Jun 12, 2022 Latest post: Jun 23, 2022
It feels like a mighty mighty long time ago from last spring when we found out there wasn't really any more treatment available for our Jonny Boy after a long 5 year battle with colon cancer; the chemo and radiation only provided some temporary relief. The cancer metastasized to his lymph nodes, liver and lungs. Each scan showed the cancer just didn't want to give up even after being beat back with sciences best medicine. Jon didn't want to give up either but what he wanted more was a quality of life with the time he had left with his family. So, he, and Anne, made the decision to stop all treatment last spring. Jon retired after 20 years of service at his job and the spring of 2021 Ackerman family set out to camp, head to the ocean, Sun River or any other outing they could do as a family with their other grown kids and of course Ron and I. The holidays came and Jon was just out of steam by that time and they decided it was time to bring in Hospice in November. From then until now, it's actually been pretty impressive the stamina and will to live Jonny Boy has displayed. Last week, early June over a year of stopping treatment, we needed hospice to bring a hospital bed and more support with IV pain control and tips to help us to support him better. I've been blessed to be one of his primary caregivers and am supporting Anne and helping with Aiden. This journal will help serve keep everyone up to date, we may ask for help, we may ask for privacy. In any case, we are always asking for prayers, love and well wishes for my best friend since we were 13, her husband (who's is also my best friend) and their son (who's my best Autistic kiddo) and their friends and families. This has been quite a journey, one I wouldn't trade for anything except a cure for cancer. Big  
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