Jo Nann Twedt

First post: Aug 8, 2022 Latest post: Oct 29, 2022
 Our family decided to create a site to share updates on our beautiful Mom.  We appreciate your words of hope and encouragement.

Last Tuesday August 2nd, my parents came up from Iowa excited to visit the grandkids in Wisconsin.  My mom had been hoping to get up this way all summer to watch the kids ball games. Unfortunately, ball games were over before they made it up, but we were excited that we could make it happen on a whim this past week. They arrived around mid afternoon and spent some quality time with Josie before the rest of us got home. Mom was admiring our garden, so we walked out there and spent some time.  She helped me pick some veggies, gave me many tips and even pointed out some edible weeds.  She is my inspiration for having a garden!   I’ve heard my Dad tell many nurses and doctors that maybe she’s been working too hard pulling some really big weeds in her own garden lately. After some garden time, the girls and Alvin went on a walk with Grandma.  My mom loves walks and walks daily with her German Shepherd, CeCe. Later, David went to pick up Jacob from  football practice around 8:00 and my parents went along.  Shortly after 9, we were all settled in for the night.  It’s not unusual for my mom to still be up reading, talking with my kids and taking her time getting to bed.  Around 9:40, my girls called downstairs that Grandma needed help.  They had seen her walk out of her room very unstable, walk into the bathroom, walk right back out and then toward their room where she crumpled on Lacey’s bed.  She was able to get out the words for them to call for us.  We called 911 and are very fortunate to have a neighbor who is a doctor.  He was over within minutes monitoring her vitals and giving us some peace of mind just being there. She was taken to Westfields in New Richmond and transferred to the Neuro ICU at Abbott Northwestern in Minneapolis where she continues to stay. She was diagnosed with a hemorrhagic stroke which occurs when an artery suddenly begins bleeding in the brain.  This affected her speech and right side of her body.   If you know my mom, you know…this is a problem!  She loves to talk and talk and talk and talks with her hands. We would be so grateful for you to keep her and our family in your thoughts and prayers!