john wright

Have recently turned full time trader. Started trading the currency market 6 years ago and was doing it on a part time basis, then gradually able to make money on a consistent basis so one day decided that i wanted to beocme a full time trader in the forex market.  Since the forex market is the gibbest market out of all, there is trillions of trading volume exchanging hands every day and some of the most popular currency pairs have fairly good liquidity so i can get in and out easily. I am mainly a short term trader and dont intend to hold positions overnight.  Aside from currency i also started trading CFDs on products like precious metals as assets like gold tends to have good volatility so its another good trading candidate. To make sure you can keep on earning good money on the currency market, having the right knowledge is crucial but having the right trading software to help is also important. Tools like Metatrader 4 developed by Metaquotes Software Corp ( is one of the top software used by traders world wide wide. Its one of the tools that i use on a daily basis to help me make trading decisions. The beauty of it is that it allows you to do so many things. e.g layig indicators on top to analyse trend, fast executing trades, backtest trading ideas