John Thomson

First post: Dec 21, 2017 Latest post: Jun 3, 2018
John has been having health issues with his feet and toes over the last several years.  He has been seeing a podiatrist (Dr. Ho, who we love) mostly every month to prevent more infections and save his toes. John is not diabetic, but has major circulatory problems in his legs.  He had 3 major surgeries over the last 8 years and 3 stents inserted in his legs, these stents are now closed and he has maybe 5% if any circulation in his left leg from above his knee down to his toes. Three weeks ago, Dr. Ho performed surgery on 4 of his toes. Within 10 days his incisions all became infected and John was admitted to FMH for IV's and other care.  As of today, he now has an abscess in his left toes. Tomorrow morning, 12/17/2017 he is having additional surgery to drain and remove the abscess as much as possible.  Plans for the next 3 weeks are:

1; Continue with the 2 broad spectrum antibiotics IV
2. Incision and Drainage of the abscess in the AM at FMH

 3. Continue with IV's and recovery in Rehab Center for 3-4 weeks
4. If infections heal, come home.

 5. If healing will not occur, he may need an above the knee amputation.

He has been in the hospital for 7 days tomorrow and appreciates all the help as I do also.  We now have a ramp in place for safe access to our home.  This was needed for both of us.  An enormous thank you to Ed Mordan, Dave Hutchins, and Patricia Cronin who braved the cold weather and wind chill to complete the ramp in 3 days.  Words can never express our gratitude for this.

Also, Sandi Smith-Gill organized a “Go Fund Me” account and we thank you so much for your donations at this difficult time.

The “Meal Train” has been stopping at our house for the last several weeks and “appreciation plus” goes out to those who participated in providing delicious food.  I have many meals in the freezer for when John returns home. Julie Hanson thanks for coordination of this efforts for UUCF.

I will keep you updated as we go forth hoping for a cure for John’s infection.