John Knox John's Journey

First post: May 14, 2021 Latest post: Jul 12, 2021

After five hospital stays, every kind of test and procedure imaginable, and weeks of up, down, in, and out...mass in the mass in the pancreas...yes, cancer, but it's in the, there's no cancer in the liver, but, yes, we're right back to square one...on April 14, 2021 John was diagnosed as having pancreatic cancer. After initially being told that the cancer was inoperable, one doctor thought that chemo and surgery might be an option, but, after checking into what all was involved and finding that the prognosis given wasn't much better than what had already said, John decided not to do chemo, but, rather, chose to come home on hospice. So...that's where we're at...taking one day at a time...good, bad, or ugly they may be and, sometimes, we experience all three rolled into one. We appreciate your love, support, words of hope, and encouragement. Thank you for visiting.