John P. Tomberlin John P Tomberlin 3rd

First post: Oct 23, 2020 Latest post: Nov 22, 2020
Welcome to John's CaringBridge website.  On Thurs Oct 22, John was rushed to the local ER after losing control of his right arm and right leg. They determined he is having a hemorrhaging (vs the usual clot) stroke.  He was later moved to Santa Rose Memorial ICU and now is on the Neurology Floor.  John was impacted in the motor region of his brain only.  He is as sharp ever and able to communicate unimpaired.  He is only limited by everything happening around him, the stress of the situation and how charged his phone (and he himself) are at any give time.   Because  I (Carolyn his wife) am not allowed to enter the hospital, I am not able to easily pass along all of your messages directly.  Therefore,  please do not  hold back on texting (versus calling) your support directly to John,  just don't expect an immediate response.  John loves (and needs) your messages right now - and he is getting them, but only responding as we are able.    Since that communication is intermittent, please "follow" along here on this website for regular updates.  (John will soon be posting his own updates here as well)