John Miller

First post: Sep 3, 2019 Latest post: Oct 26, 2019
John  was admitted to the hospital in Iowa Falls on Thursday evening, after becoming unresponsive at dinner.  After a short stay at Hansen Hospital, he was transferred to Mercy in Mason City.  It's been a long 72 hours,  with changes happening minute by minute.  When we arrived on Friday, the doctors were concern about John's kidney function, high PSA levels and fluid around the heart.  They have closely monitored the kidneys and initially hoped that catheterizing John and trying to flush out his bladder would improve kidney function.  

On Saturday, with his kidneys not improving, his Urologist attempted to insert a stent to remove any blockages but there was too much inflammation around his bladder to be successful.  After coming out of surgery, John's blood pressure began to fluctuate and on Sun afternoon he was transferred to the critical care unit.  The doctors believe that due to  renal failure and very low hemoglobin, his blood pressure became too erratic and unable to stabilize. My mom and I stayed with John in his room until close to 2am, leaving to get a few hours of sleep. At around 5:30 this morning, the attending physician called to let us know  that they needed to intubate John, in order to stabilize his blood pressure, as he was rapidly declining.    

We have officially set up shop in the ICU waiting room. It's amazing how quickly you adapt to your new "home away from home."  Like other families we have met along the way, we're here for the long haul, staying until we can get John back on the road to recovery.  Up until last evening, John has been alert and responsive, cracking jokes and acting a bit ornery.  We've passed on words of encouragement from friends and family and frequently show John recent photos of his grand-kids, which has been bringing him a smile. 

John will be getting a nephrostomy tube inserted into both kidneys to improve function.   Please continue to pray and send all of your positive vibes!!!