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Welcome to our CaringBridge website. We are using it to keep family and friends updated in one place. We appreciate your support and words of hope and encouragement. Thank you for visiting TEAM LOFTUS' site.

As you know, John is a strong, youthful man with a generous heart, powerful work ethic and amazing sense of humor. The weekend before this journey begin, John was mountain biking in Napa with a dozen friends, then wine tasting with friends and enjoying every minute of his day. Sunday he went dirt biking, too. As I said, while the mouse is away, the cat will play! (I was in Coronado, spending time with a long-time BFF.)

Ironically, on St. Patrick's Day, (John is Irish - his dad was instrumental in dying the Chicago River green for St. Paddy's day years and years ago)... I digress, John's abdominal pain had reached a level that he caused him to not be able to sleep a wink. Friday morning I insisted we go to the emergency room; the staff at John Muir was terrific and by 1pm we were made aware that he had lymphoma. Of course we were shocked, and sure this diagnosis was erroneous / premature. This couldn't be happening to JOHN. After being on many variations of pain meds, John was released Sunday evening.

Tuesday, March 22, 2022 was the dreaded news: John officially has an aggressive B-cell lymphoma. Good news about that though is that aggressive is more curable; who knew! He will need to do chemo in the hospital with an indwelling catheter. Once we get the last few tests done, PET scan and bone marrow biopsy,  then John can go on some low dose prednisone to shrink the tumors.  He's still in so much pain and eats so very little.

WHOA! 6am Wednesday morning John had a PET scan. Doctor called, employees jumped! Gotta love that service. At 10am, we met with the surgeon who is placing the port/catheter. It will be under the skin under his L clavicle.  Sadly, no more overhead presses whilst that's in place. The surgeon was able to read the PET scan and he showed us the scan. I told our youngest - a nursing student - that his abdomen region "lit up like a Christmas tree." She did not like that news whatsoever. John also has a few tumors on his chest; none of us are happy about that. Surgery to place the port will be next week.

Thursday John has the bone marrow biopsy. John's bones are quite dense (good for a man his age!); no pun here, I will leave that open for you to comment, haha! It was determined that John has stage 3 since the cancer has spread AND since Friday, the tumors have grown. BUT FANTASTIC news: John started prednisone. Took all 4 pills today, and, even though he's still in pain and sleeps a lot, he had an appetite for dinner for the first time in over a week. YAY.
If you click on the Meal Train Plus link, you'll find a calendar of help that we need, such as meals and yard work (lawn mowing, pool maintenance, etc.) THANK YOU in advance for your help, well wishes, and support during this new journey of ours.