John Nyberg John Leroy Nyberg

First post: Mar 28, 2021 Latest post: Jun 13, 2021
John's story? Well that's a tall order. It's certainly long and winding and full of adventure, great books, theater, travel, music, and most of all, family and friends. The most recent and abridged chapter goes like this. In the fall of 2019, John noticed tingling and mild pain in his leg which prompted a visit to the neurologist in his beloved Palm Springs winter home.  The tingling progressed rapidly over the course of next the next year.  John's dear friend Tracy moved back from California to help with tasks of daily living.  Many unsatisfactory consultations later, John found himself in the ICU at Fairview Hospital. During that visit, with sharp mind and great resolve, John made the decision to move to the Pillars Assisted Living and enter hospice.  He is now comfortable and receiving wonderful care from the staff.  He s enjoying immensely the cards and well wishes that continue to pour in. 

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