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First post: Mar 21, 2018 Latest post: Jul 12, 2018
In mid February 2018, Maureen was diagnosed with stage 4 ovarian cancer.  Chemo therapy started immediately thereafter.  Extensive surgery was performed on May 21st. It was considered successful in that it removed all visible cancer. The post surgery round of chemo will start soon. It will address any remaining lymph cancers that were not surgically accessible and escaped the initial round of chemo. In that regard, a post surgical PET scan to be done on June 20 should be revealing.

Maureen has been suffering since spring 2017 from a painful rare auto immune disease called mucous membrane  pemphigoid (MMP).  It attacked her mouth and was resistant to all drug attempts to subdue it or even mitigate the pain. In retrospect, the undetected cancer may have interfered with her immune system's ability to use the drugs to knock down the MMP.  Maureen recently received nine infusions of immunoglobulin with more to come.  In the meantime, it seems that the chemo subdued the cancer sufficiently to permit her immune system to redirect some of it's attention to fighting the MMP.  It's now in remission.

The surgeon reports that the results accomplished his high standard of leaving "no visible cancer". At the same time, he complimented Maureen for setting an early pace of recovery that well exceeded his expectations.  Nevertheless, the recovery process will be a long slow one with the body's resources directed to healing.  Maureen is anxiously looking forward to a return to her previous energy, not to mention sense of taste. 

Throughout this still short experience, Maureen has been strong physically, emotionally and spiritually.  She's remarkable... indeed inspirational. 

Please check in along the journey for reports on Maureen's progress.  And join us in this battle as science is boosted by your prayers to return Maureen to good health. 

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