John Fosha

First post: May 16, 2018 Latest post: Mar 7, 2019
John is the most wonderful person.  He is quiet, caring, very funny, can be just have to know him to see it.  Several months ago John had a hip replacement surgery.  During the procedure, doctors found spots in the hip area and removed them at that time.  Soon it was discovered that these 'spots' were cancerous but they thought they got it all.  Months later, instead of getting less pain post-op, the pain worsened to the point that a 2nd hip replacement may be needed.  Instead, they found that the cancer had returned and spread further down his left leg.  The only option for this type of cancer is total leg and partial pelvis removal (hemipelvectomy).  Obviously this is a hard thing to accept for both John and his family but they have decided that it is much more important for him to be around to watch his 3 wonderful children grow up than to not seek this treatment.  There will be many significant changes in the near future so the support of friends and family will be very important.  Please keep John & family in your hearts & prayers.  Please leave words of encouragement on this page and we'll also keep you updated on the progress here. 

I  will not be doing most of the work for the page, my best friend Res has offered to do this for me.  Thank you for the love and support. ~ Laura