Johnathan Foster John Fights With A Smile

First post: Mar 12, 2022 Latest post: May 10, 2022
John has always been the happiest baby. Even with such a tiny face, he has the biggest smile! After he got diagnosed with High-Risk Metastatic Neuroblastoma, that didn't change.

Before his diagnosis, he spent several days sedated due to a complication during a endoscopy. Surgery had to open him up to stop some unexpected bleeding. This led to him spending 5 days in the PICU with his abdomen open inside a silo waiting for a swelling Hematoma in his small intestine to go down. A few days after he was safely closed up, the doctors did a MRA/MRV scan (Similar to an MRI). They found a mass, in an almost perfect 8cm circle, in the area by his spine and aorta. They also found lesions on his spine and a collection of cancer cells in his left femur. On January 7th, 2022, we got the prognosis that John had Neuroblastoma.

John has currently spent every day since December 27th, 2021 in Children's Mercy. He's made friends with nurses, strolled down the halls of the Oncology unit, cuddled with Mama and Dada (his Grandparents too), and has enjoyed his time there to the best of his ability.

John's Cancer Treatment will start with 5 Chemo Cycles lasting 21 days, then he'll have surgery pending the tumor has shrunk enough. Next, he'll get a bone marrow transplant using his own stem cells. Following that will be Radiation and more Chemo (Consolidation Cycles). The estimated time for all of this is 18 months. For pictures and more updates check out his Instagram as well: @JohnFightsWithASmile