John Armitage Lilburn Georgia Norcross Photographer

First post: Feb 22, 2021

Armitage Photography is a recognized resource for clients throughout industries, including the commercial sector. The studio, headquartered in Lilburn, Georgia, is very good at helping business clients realize their ideas in the form of imagery. 

Oakland, California, native John Armitage is also a Fellow of the Annenberg/CPB Project. He enlisted in the U.S. Army when he completed his time in high school, which is why he enrolled in the university's Communications Photography program at the University of California, Fullerton. He graduated with a bachelor's degree in 1987 and became interested in the photography and branding of commercial products almost immediately. He learned a lot during his apprenticeship with special-effects photographer Jack Eason, who was an early mentor in his field. Jack taught him about lighting effects, helping him steer his career.

Before moving to the greater Atlanta metro area, John worked as a studio manager for a graphic design firm in Los Angeles. He opened Armitage Photography in 1993, and the business thrived. Having had the first experience, John now works with businesses of all sizes, from large corporations to start-ups.

Many projects, large and little, have been finished by professional photographer John. Additionally, his studio contains the necessary machinery and infrastructure to deal with projects of all shapes and sizes, ranging from photos of food and cosmetics to room layouts, furniture, clothing, and people. With his adaptability, enhanced vision, and superior command of lighting and color, Armitage Photography has been a great marketing partner for many of the businesses that use its services around the country.

John Armitage and Armitage Photography go above and beyond to encourage upcoming professional photographers by giving them assistance. Training, studio space, and advice have all been provided by John through his rental studio and cooperative, and he has also been able to provide these benefits to other aspiring artists.
Armitage Photography services include serving customers in Atlanta, Lilburn, and Norcross, among other areas.

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