John and Beverly Palermo

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Last Monday November 30th Dad (John) was taken from dialysis to St. Mary's Hospital.  After he was there he was diagnosed with Covid 19 pneumonia and admitted. Jeannie came in from CA and Yvonne and Nacho from TX.   On Thursday Dec 4th Mom (Beverly) got back her test results and also tested positive for Covid 19.  Her Pulmonologist is guiding family to treat her from home as long as possible.  So far all Jeannie, Bev, John, Yvonne and Dominic are all showing no signs.  Dom got back negative test results on Friday Dec. 4th.

Two years ago.....
Well it all started a couple of days before Thanksgiving 2018.  Tuesday John was admitted to Northwest Hospital and diagnosed with last stage kidney disease requiring permanent dialysis.  After 9 days in the hospital and another 12 in Rehab at St. Mary's he went home December 10th and started dialysis 3 days per week at a local clinic.   It was an adjustment for both of them and has taken some getting used to and they are both in pretty frail health.  On December 14th Beverly was admitted to Northwest Hospital with respiratory problems related to a severe asthma attack.  She was released home on the 17th and the next day we had John back in ER for several hours from fluid complications from his dialysis that day.
Fortunately, he was not admitted but then  Beverly had another attack on December 22nd and was taken by paramedics back to ER at Northwest where they had to Intubate her (put in a breathing tube).