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First post: Mar 20, 2018 Latest post: Mar 24, 2018
Thursday March 15, 2018 Joey had emergent brain surgery to stop a bleeding aneurysm.  He was lucky enough to realize that the headache he had was not normal and had a coworker bring him to the hospital.  Timing was on our side as I was home, when I would have normally been teaching, my class was cancelled due to snow.  Joey had a CT where they saw a subarachnoid bleed and he was sent to Massachusetts General Hospital via helicopter.  I met  him at Mass Gen, unfortunately not soon enough to see him before he was wisked away to the O.R.  I did however speak with him on the phone before the surgery.  The surgery lasted 4 and a half hours and was successful.  The aneurysm has been clipped at the base and is no longer bleeding.  Joey is doing well now.  He has a funny haircut and some new head piercings (staples) but otherwise he is the same old Joey.  He is able to talk, walk unassisted and eat hospital food, so we are considering ourselves very, very lucky to have such wonderful hospitals in our back yard.  This next week  he will be watched for seizure and stroke behavior, god willing he will have none.  He is able to receive  visitors and welcomes them.   I will post daily updates on his recovery process.  Keep the healing  vibes and prayers coming.  We thank everyone for the love and support.