Joe Thiringer

First post: Jul 29, 2022 Latest post: Oct 26, 2023
Hi Everyone, This is Kathy, Joe's mom. Thank you for visiting. I'd like to catch everyone up about Joe.  Some of you have already heard a bit about what has happened and we so appreciate the outreach, offers of help, and prayers. 

This has been a rough couple of days, and we’re not out of the woods yet.

On Wednesday, July 27th, Joe was working maintenance at a local botanical garden for his summer job.  While working off by himself somewhere, he collapsed and was found unresponsive by some of the other crew members.  He was revived through an incredible combination of CPR, an AED they had on-site, and work by the EMTs (who thankfully arrived pretty quickly).  Near as we can tell, this was probably caused by some undiagnosed heart condition (possibly HCM, that thing you hear about a lot with young athletes ***UPDATE: This has been ruled out. His subsequent CT and MRI of his heart show no issues. So at this point in September, we do not know why this happened) that put him into a heart arrhythmia which made him pass out.

He’s still in the ICU at Reston Hospital.  He’s stable and sedated, while they try to keep him cool and slowly let his brain recover over the course of a few days, which is pretty much standard procedure for this sort of thing.  At this point, we still don’t know the long-term prognosis, but we are hoping and praying for a good outcome.

I, or someone from our family, will look to post an update every few days. We appreciate your comments and support here. Thank you for those who have texted and please know we see your texts and are grateful, even if we don't respond promptly. Thank you all and please continue to pray.