Joe Mundell

First post: Jul 3, 2022 Latest post: Mar 2, 2023
Hello all, 

We thought it would be a good idea to make a page where people could go to check up on dad. 

One day dad developed a sore on the back of his leg and started having pain in his ear/jaw. He went into the doctor where she found a mass in the back of his throat and ordered a biopsy. Sure enough, it was cancerous. 
He was diagnosed with plasmacytoma which is a blood/bone cancer, which they caught early. They did the PET scans and found only the two masses and a very low percentage of the cancer in his bone marrow. He currently goes to Pueblo every 4 days for injections for those masses and takes a cocktail of medications during the week. With any luck that'll do the trick and we won’t need a 3 week chemo stay in the hospital in Denver. 
Dad is definitely slowing down and starting to feel the effects of the 'dope'.  Any words of encouragement are greatly appreciated.