Joel McLachlan

First post: Mar 28, 2021 Latest post: May 2, 2022

 “Therefore I say to you, all things for which you pray and ask, believe that you have received them, and they will be granted you.   Mark 11:24  

God answered my prayers almost 4 years ago, and sent Joel Stewart Mclachlan to me.  After the first date,  we both knew we would spend the rest of our lives together.  With the blessing of all our family and friends, we were married only after 4 short months of dating.   A lot of life has happened in the past 4 years:  loss of jobs, loss of loved ones, traveling, moving, new jobs, and now we are facing one of the hardest things imaginable. 

 On March 25, 2021, Joel suffered a massive heart attack.   As of March 27, 2021 , Joel has been on FULL Life support.  He is on a heart and lung bypass machine as well as kidney dialysis as his kidneys are very damaged.   The past few days have been a mix of emotions, extremely grateful for the skilled nurses and doctors who are taking care of Joel, confused with all the new medical terminology that has been thrown at me,  scared of     losing my husband, my soulmate, and my best friend, all while trying to hold it together for my children, for Joel's children. Ethan and Ellie are also worried, they are sad, and behind their strong smiles and weary eyes I can tell they are scared of losing him too. 

Many of you have graciously asked how you can help during this time, so we have set up this GoFundMe account to help contribute to the short- and long-term medical costs it will take to get Joel back home and on the road to full recovery.  

First and foremost, please continue to pray for Joel. Your prayers are not only felt, but they are being answered, God is healing Joel. 
Second, we ask, if you are able, please consider donating to the GoFundMe page that was set up for all of the upcoming medical bills and extra expenses that will inevitably start stacking up.

I know that the road ahead is going to be rough, with twist and turns, but I also am standing firm in God's promise.  

"And You are, Way maker, miracle worker, Promise keeper, light in the darkness, My God, that is who You are" 

Please continue to visit  Caringbridge to find daily updates on Joel.  We appreciate your support and words of hope and encouragement, and looking forward to sharing this with Joel one day very soon. 

With all my love,