Joe Lindaman

First post: Sep 7, 2018 Latest post: Jun 12, 2019
In June 2014 was diagnosed with a oligoastrocytoma low Grade 2 benign brain tumor.  They way they found it was when I went down on the GM line with a Grand Mal seizure.  They found the tumor that was more than 6cm in the right temporal. In July 2014 they remove what they could of the tumor.  There was still some of the tumor left over. Which the doctors said they would continue to watch it. 
Over the next couple of month in 2014 the tumor was causing me to have seizures, speech and memory problems.  And I was unable to work. And become permanently disabled. Which was hard for me because I have a family to support.  I have a wife and 2 kids. In Feb 2015 I ended up having a seizure that caused me to have Todd's Paralysis on the left side of my body. Which I continue to be come weak on the left side on when I have seizures.  Nov 2015 I was able to get Vagal nerve stimulator put in for seizures.  All though it helps with some of my seizures it does not help with all. 
In 2016 and 2017 I have been in an out of the hospital with complications with seizures and the tumor. And some other medical issues. The brain tumor had continued to grow during this time slowly. I started to get headaches every day on the right side of my head. The doctors continued to monitor it every 6 months with MRI.  April 2018 things seemed to change.  Had some problems with medication that made my sodium level to drop to a dangerous level.  I was hospitalized for a couple of weeks. Then needed in hospital rehab. To help with walking and weakness.
When I returned home I was monitored with in home therapy.
The doctor( oncologist) in May 2018 had said my tumor was continuing to grow.  The doctor believes the tumor had become a Grade 3. They told us they suggest to start Chemotherapy.  I started Chemo in June 2018. I take 2 pills everyday for the next year.  July 2018 some more things changed. Started to get headaches on my left side of my head with headaches on my right. 
On July 23rd I had the headache on both sides. And was not feeling so right. My right side of my body went all numb and tingling. My face felt heavy.  I was rushed to the hospital again.
They thought I might have a stroke. A couple day prior to this all happening I was tired and exhausted. And unable to breath.  The hospital did all the test but everything came back fine for stroke. I was unable to get an MRI  at the time because the hospital does not have the right MRI machine for my VNS. Due to the right side weaknesses this time. I needed more in hospital rehab. This time it 14 days of rehab.
After I got out of the hospital August 8, 2018 I continued with in home therapy.  I have walk with a Walker now. 
August 13th I got another MRI.  It showed more tumor progression.  I went and saw the oncologist again on Aug 23rd.  He suggested that we go and see an Radiology Oncologist.  At that time the shortness of breath started to come back. They put me on a steroid.  And continue to monitor it for my breathing.  On Aug 30th I went and seen the radiation oncologist.  He confirmed that I the tumor had grown and it was now Cancerous. I was told I would do radiation 5 days a week for 6 weeks.  I still was continuing to have shortness of breath and more weakness.