Joel Disanto

First post: Sep 23, 2022 Latest post: Sep 28, 2022
On Thursday Morning very early into the morning, Joel was found in Ham Lake off of Constance and University Ave.  He had been driving in his truck and had an accident, and was seen by a passing car on the highway and called into the authorities. The ambulance got onto the scene around 1:18am and called Joel into the hospital. The police and ambulance did determine that there was no intoxication involved.  It was then determined at the hospital that Joel had extensive damage to his brain, and the trauma surgeon on site was unable to perform any operations to assist. Joel did not pass 5/6 neurological exams given by doctors the first few hours, and was ventilated and immediately put on life support to assist with his breathing.   At 3am he was joined at the hospital by his wife Moriah, and his Mother Deanna, his sister Jade and later on by his Mother in Law, Marie, and Father in Law Miguel. Throughout the later morning, he was joined by extended families from both sides. Upon arrival, the immediate families were prepared by doctors that it was unlikely that the Joel we knew would ever return to us, and it would be a matter of hours before they could determine brain death. Throughout Thursday afternoon, the doctors performed a series of tests as the day went on and this morning- Wednesday 9/23 at 8:24am doctors officially announced Joel's time of death. 

To say this is hard is an understatement of epic proportions. Joel was so loved, and had such a long life still to live. The grief is shared by so many today, and the sorrow is heavy to carry by all his family. We love him and will miss the goofy, hard working, and loyal person that he was to those he was close to. Joel was an organ donor, and so the next few days he will go through a series of tests and surgeries to help others in need. In the days following the organ donation process, a celebration of life ceremony will be organized and the details of that event will be shared online when we know more. 

As of now, there is a go fund me attached to this page that is being used for funeral procedures/costs. If you feel led to give please follow the link there. If you want to give privately, please contact Mercedes Resch via text message at 763-222-8370 or email at to be sent information on where to send funds. 

We thank you in advance for your kindness, prayers, good vibes, words of encouragement and support of both families at this time. Joel is forever in the hearts of so many. 

Moriah, Deanna, Jade, Logan, John, Miguel, Marie, Mercedes, Jon and Michael.