Joe Kennedy

First post: Mar 13, 2019 Latest post: Mar 19, 2019
This is an information site only , not crowd funding or anything like that , just here to share information and prayers .This is the story of Joe's Road to Wellville.Check here for updates and information.  

We decided to go to the ER  March  9th Last Saturday night , Joe was having a lot of intigestion and stomach cramps . They quickly determined he had lots of gallstones. They then determined that one had lodged in the bile duct between the pancreas and liver . Pancreatitis had begun to start They preformed a procedure to remove stone , and now we wait . Joes pancreases is still very inflamed and he’s on a lot of support . Now that you have the story this is the place for updates this is the place I will , or Debbie will try and keep everyone as informed as we are. It’s hard getting a lot of text messages and responding , not that I don’t appreciate everyone’s concern it’s just hard to respond to every message .  Please take care for updates and Please keep Joe in your prayers  as much as possible , this is still a fight .