Joe Henke

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Joe’s surgery was Tuesday November 27.  The tumor was larger and more invasive than originally believed but Joe did well during the procedure.

Joe is still in the hospital recovering, hoping to go home soon.

December 6, 2017
Joe is home and is doing well.  He came home from the hospital on Tuesday afternoon.  Visitors are welcome but may want to call first as he has lots of home  nurse visits, doctors appointments as well as chemo therapy.  We are not home very often,

December 10, 2018
Joe has done well.  He is feeling well.  He went to church on Saturday evening.
He has even gained a few pounds.
Today he begins his chemo therapy at Lake St. Louis.  
Please keep him in your prayers.

December 13, 2018
Joe did OK on this round of chemo.  He has very little nausea this time.  The nurses at LSL are tremendous.  He likes them and when I was there, it seems all the patients like the staff.  What a blessing to have these wonderful nurses working with Joe.

December 26, 2018
Joe had a good Christmas.  Was feeling well, ate well.  Joe is gaining a little weight and it looks good on him.  He went to see his lead surgeon on Dec. 20th.  She commented on how well he looked.  She thought he was doing great. He has been released to go back to work after the first of the year, but we will wait and see how the second round of chem does on Dec. 31st.  (Mom/Sandy)

January 10, 2019
Joe did very well on his second round of chemo, no major side effects yet.  
He went to work on Monday.  Yea for him!!!  He seems to be tolerating it well.   (Mom/Sandy)

January 16, 2019
Joe's third visit for chemo was this Monday, January 14th.  He is having some side effects.  However, his nausea medicine is working and his appetite is remaining to be good.  On Monday he tipped the scales for an extra two pounds.  Go Joe!!!

He is also effected by the cold.  He is always under an electric throw when watching TV.  He drinks his sodas without ice and when he touches anything cold, his fingers tingle.

Working is still a priority and he goes to work every day.


January 28, 2019