Joe Crownover

First post: Jul 18, 2021 Latest post: Sep 19, 2021
Welcome dear family and friends to Joe's Caring Bridge site. Our goal is to keep everyone updated in one place (and to reduce the number of calls and messages necessitating reply). Joe has been diagnosed with end stage cirrhosis of the liver and has just returned home after a stay in the hospital.  He is in palliative care at home with his family but given the choice between hospice home care and hospital treatment at any stage. 

Many of you know Joe Crownover as a devoted family man, loving friend, respected colleague, board member, philanthropist, volunteer, and neighbor, among other roles. Some of you may know that while managing all of these roles, he has also been managing alcoholism and the resulting cirrhosis. For many of Joe’s loved ones, this journal will be an opportunity to honor and celebrate him while he is still living and to say goodbye. 

Additionally, the Langdon-Crownovers have made a special request for your memories and photos. Please share any stories and/or photographs of your special, funny, important times with Joe. Recalling these memories will put a smile on Joe's face as we read them to him, and they will serve as a valuable 'scrapbook' of sorts to chronicle the fullness of his remarkable life.  (You can do this by going to the "Well Wishes" tab at the top of the page.)

Joe’s work, community service, and other interests have taken him far and wide in this world. There are treasured people across the globe who've shared life experiences with Joe and have been impacted by him in poignant ways. Many of these people and anecdotes are unknown to Jen, Taylor, and Garrett, as well as to Joe's parents: Jim and Genie, brother Mike, and other family members. We would be so grateful to capture them.   

If Joe has impacted your life, taught you something, left you with something meaningful, celebrated with you, traveled with you, and created memories with you, sharing it here is a gift to his family. While they are stretched very thin right now and unable to respond to most direct messages, please know that they are reading every entry on this page and are filled with gratitude for your support.

Thank you for celebrating Joe's life and for your continued love and care for him, Jen, Taylor and Garrett.