Joe Cool

First post: May 9, 2018 Latest post: Jun 4, 2018
Joe has always been a very healthy person and never complained.  Suddenly in April 2018, he experienced significant leg weakness.  He was hospitalized at Riverside Methodist Hospital and testing revealed stage 4 melanoma.  He had a 2 week course of full brain radiation that ended May 4th.  He spent almost two weeks in an inpatient rehabilitation hospital before moving to Kobacker House for hospice on May 11.  Joe’s children (Joey, Julie, Cheryl and Greg) decided to start this site so his many friends could get updates and share information while simultaneously reducing stress on our mother (Sara).  Please note:  Our apologies in advance for financial solicitations you will receive from this website and please feel no obligation to send any money!
Below is a very brief summary of Joe's final month.  You may also read the journal entries below.
4/12- Worked for seven hours on Habitat House.  Came home tired and drove to choir.  (Joe always walks to choir.)
4/14- Played tennis, with some difficulty running (Joe is never tired.)
4/15- 16 - Complained about his left leg; experienced significant weakness in that leg.  (Joe does not complain.)
4/17- admitted to Riverside and soon diagnosed with stage 4 melanoma, which had spread to his brain, liver and lung
4/23- began a 10-day course of full brain radiation, started to experience cognitive impairment/ confusion
4/26- moved from Riverside to OhioHealth Rehabilitation Hospital to undergo intense rehab.  
4/26-5/11- Rehabilitation included four hours a day of physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy.  He declined significantly and was not always able to perform these tasks.  The doctors realized that he was not going to benefit from any further treatment and the family decided to move him to hospice.
5/11- Joe moved to Kobacker House 
5/12- changes were faster than we imagined and he declined very quickly over the next few days.  5/12 was the last time he spoke.
5/13-16 - surrounded by family, he lived his last days and died peacefully and painlessly on 5/16