Joe Cerullo

First post: Jul 16, 2018 Latest post: Nov 16, 2018
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On April 6 of this year, Joe was diagnosed with stage four pancreatic cancer that had metastasized to the liver.  
Prior to his diagnosis, Joe had been hospitalized several times for pancreatitis.  He also had numerous scans, blood work and even a biopsy on the pancreas.  To both of our amazement, the reports, for the most part, came back, NO CANCER.  We were both relieved and felt very grateful.
Unfortunately, in later March Joe had returned to the hospital with another serious and painful bout of pancreatitis.  By this time we had been introduced to a wonderful GI doctor, Dr. Dahmon.
Dr. Dahmon decided to run some scans and had scheduled Joe for a procedure that would alleviate some of the pain Joe was enduring.  Joe was more relieved to know that we had this well known, well admired doctor who  was on our side.  We were sure Dr Dahmon would get to the bottom of this.
The morning of April 6 came and we were waiting for staff to come and get Joe for the procedure.  The nurse came in instead and told me that the doctor cancelled the procedure. She had no answers as to why but I knew in the pit of my stomach that the day had come where we would find out that Joe, in fact, did have cancer.
My “female intuition “ would remain correct and a few hours later Dr. Dahmon came in with the news.  My heart stopped, at least for a moment, but my amazing, courageous and strong willed husband said that he was ready to take on this challenge.
You know, I was never a fond member of the club “It’s Who you know,” but fortunately my attitude change quickly.  A dear friend of ours, from the community, whose full name will not be published, Dr. Chris, immediately came to the hospital and told us about the fine care and reputation that  of Memorial Cancer Institute.  Dr. Chris also told us about Dr. Jennifer Zikria, an oncologist with the institute.
Within a few days of Joe getting out of the hospital, we got to meet with Dr. Zikria and the amazing team that has become part of  “ Cerullo Strong!”
Angie, the research nurse, who gives the best hugs and who has been right by our side since the day one, is just one of the many whose joined the band wagon.  We also have an unbelievable infusion nurse, John, who administers Joe’s chemo.  Joe always says that John is the only one who,   when accessing the port, never hurts him.  We love John!!
There are so many other people to mention and I’m sure as I continue to journal, I’ll be naming them along the way!
Today is July 16, 2018 and we are back in the emergency room at Memorial Regional Hospital.  It had not been a good weekend for Joe.  He’s had on going back pain for a while now more so this weekend.  
They took Joe for an MRI and we are awaiting the results.  More will be revealed.....

Well, Joe’s doctor, his oncologist, Dr. Zikria, just stopped by the ER where we’ve been since 9:30 this morning.  Joe’s results from the MRI showed that he has Osteomyelitis.  We battled with this infection for 8 weeks at the beginning of the year and somehow it’s reared it’s ugly head, AGAIN!
The Infectious Disease’s doctor, Dr. Baahta, who treated him the last time has been called in.  Joe is being admitted and hopefully they, the doctors, will get both the pain and the infection under control.