Joe and Cecilia Detwiler

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Hello everyone, thanks for coming.  This is basically what we have pieced together about what happened. Joe and Cecilia Detwiler (siblings) were in an auto accident on the fourth of July, 2010 around 2:15pm down at our grandparents' farm on Highway F, between the lake and the Byers house (where we usually stay).  I (their oldest sister Liz) will try to give you the most updated information I can. We're trying to keep panic at a minimum.
They were found by a passing motorist pinned in our grey F250 that had hit a tree.  We don't know why or how the truck hit the tree yet, and may not ever find out if they both don't have that memory available (I know that I don't remember the details of my car accident either). At this point it doesn't matter anyway. The good news is that the passing motorist was only switching out vehicles-- meaning he had to drive back down the highway he just came and that's when he found them.  He was only away for moments at most, and immediately called 911 and began to apply pressure to Joe's wounds. So they were found quickly. Point=us.

It took awhile to cut them out of the vehicle, as Joe was unconcious with facial lacerations and massive head trauma and Cecilia's legs were pinned under her seat..and those freaking F-250's are made so well that it was difficult to destroy it to get them out. They were airlifted by helicopter to St. Louis, after they were quickly annointed by a priest friend of mine (Fr. Charlie Pardee) who was visiting the farm that day. Point=Us (and God).
Uncle David and Patty were able to be at the hospital to meet Joe since they were in St. Louis at the time (and my parents were still driving from the farm to St. Louis with Uncle James). 
I think I go to the journal part to tell you the rest of the updates, so go there!