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Hello everyone, welcome. Kulani here. I will be doing my best to keep this page updated on my father's journey on behalf of our family.  

He was admitted to the hospital on Jan. 25th with secondary pneumonia due to COVID 19. 

Yesterday, Feb. 5th, after a second infection presented itself his two wonderful doctors became extremely concerned that if an emergency like cardiac arrest or a stroke were to occur they would not be able to address it and intubate at the same time; a "shit show," is what his, now, ICU doctor called that scenario. My dad said, "well that's speaking my language. After 40 years in the restaurant industry, I know what a shit show looks like" :) So the decision was made to intubate while things were stable and calm. In truth, he had been maxed out on whatever oxygen assistance was possible, and they probably would've intubated him in the days prior had he let them. But, he wanted to hold off as long as possible. We all know intubation is extremely serious and the last resort. As far as we know, he is healthy in every other way so his doctor said "I don't see any reason why you can't come out of this." 

He and his doctors agreed to fight as long as there is hope, and we all remain hopeful as of now. There was no change in his condition after intubation, which is good.

We have a lot of waiting ahead of us, be prepared. Until then, I encourage everyone to upload pictures of my Dad in the gallery. If you'd like to send text or audio messages that we can play/read to him please email me: and I can give you my cell. Updates will be under journal entries. You can also leave messages under well wishes. When he is extubated, we will have a wonderful record of everyone who loved and supported him during this time. 

That's it for now. Hug your loved ones, and if any of them are unvaccinated have the conversation. Have it again and again-keep trying. Tell our story. If it comes to this, you'll know you did everything you could. 

**Please do not donate to this site**