Jodi Briggs Jodi’s Journey

Thank you for taking the time to read my story.  It only has begun.  On April 13, 2018 I found a lump on my right breast as I was showering doing a monthly self check.  During that time I had been helping take care of my Precious Granny.  She had Dementia and was declining rapidly.  

Next, I showed my mother what I had found and felt in my breast.  She told me to have it checked out immediately when we returned back home to Tennessee, so I did.  I made the appointment to have it checked out.   My primary care doctor was concerned, she too had breast cancer and had both removed.  She referred me to have a mammogram and the mammogram showed that I did need a scheduled biopsy.

You could imagine the fear I was feeling, how scared I was.  Biopsy was scheduled, I went in very nervous and scared to death.  It was performed, then the worst of it all was the anxiety on waiting for the test results to come back.  

On May 8, 2018 I was diagnosed with Stage 2 Invasive Ductal Carcinoma.  I have never been so devistated in all my life.  With support from my family members, friends and loving boyfriend John, they have helped me and stood by me every step of the way.  I couldn’t be more thankful to God.  Without God or them I would be nothing.

A month goes by and I find the right doctors then starts Round 1 of 8 Chemotherapy treatments.  My hair fell out exactly 2 weeks after the first treatment.  A/C was hard.  Hard on my bones and muscles.  No nausea really at all.  Now I am here to tell you that I am now approaching my 7th round of chemo.  I am ready to get this over with.  Surgery will be next, then 8 weeks of radiation.  Let’s see how it goes!!