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Thursday 26th
So Jocy has been sick for the week,she had her vaccines on Wednesday the 18th, started mild fever Friday evening, progressed to a fever and headache Saturday evening, Sunday evening her jowls got puffy-these are all mild symptoms to her vaccines. Sunday in the night her jowls and under her chin got massively swollen and seemed to have a hard time breathing so I brought her to ER..she had a positive strep but doc felt that we should not doing an antibiotic, because she already had moderate vaccine reaction but there trying not to treat all strep unless they develops the rash a few weeks later, then it’s the type to be treated for scarlet fever and heart complications-he didn’t want to add to her burden. Monday she fevered and had a belly ache, Tuesday she was throwing up-5/6 times total stopped at 5pm but fever broke round 11am and I conferred with the doc all day. Said to keep hydrated... she’s on the mend and should be just fine! This sweet little her legs and arms started swelling and were terrible painful so I brought her back in last night...They did labs, blood, swabs, IV, morphine... they admitted her, she tested positive influenza A. It’s been over 24 hrs since her fever broke but She got a rare symptom of the flu, or the strep? She has rhabdomyolysis. Rapid break down of the muscle tissue, swelling and horrible pain. Normal high number is 250, hers was 10,000, went to 17,500. And climbing.. So IV fluid, to flush it all out, her kidney function is healthy and normal but not doing working properly..? He sent blood to a special lab waiting on results a few days. He wants to do tamiflu, to try to lower her levels. He also wants And antibiotic. He feels like she got this so bad because she was sick and layed around for so many days.. she is so miserable it breaks my heart! Say a little prayer for her!! 

Update 1: Thursday 26th
Everything everything keeps elevating and not flushing, she's getting sicker, they sent her to children's in Denver.. please pray for her! Curtis went with her.. docs were optimistic that she would be good as new in a week or 2.. please, please, pray for us! And my sweet Jocy girl!!

Update 2:Friday  27th early morning 
 Her kidneys are not reacting like they hoped. They are putting machines on that act as her heart  and lungs and kidneys. She needs her blood cleaned and oxygenated and it’s risky to do, but they need to do it. It requires surgery. It’s all in God’s hands and Gods will be done. She is in excellent care here. 

Update 3: Friday 27th
Surgery to implant IV’s went well and she is now on the “machines”. Bypassing her heart and lungs and using dialysis to clean her blood. Her heart and lungs are fine, they just need to be in control of pumping and oxygenating her blood so they can put it through the dialysis machine. 
Ecmo is the name of the heart and lung machine.  Crrt  is the name of the dialysis machine.
Just to be clear they are not completely bypassing her heart and lungs. 20% usage. 

Update 4: Friday 27
 Talked to the pediatric kidney specialist. He said he is cautiously optimistic that she will be just fine. He has seen this almost exact same thing in a 16 year old girl that was also very healthy. She got the flu and this same thing happened. The vibe I got from him was very good. He is a German doctor and made me almost giggle with his accent and he used the term knuckleheaded! He also said her potassium level was at 7.1!!!!!! Very dangerous level. 

 Update 5: Friday 27 afternoon
 She was septic, she is in critical condition on life support. She is a very sick little girl... so many prayers are needed here.

Update 6: Friday 27 late afternoon
 She can be on this unit for days, weeks.. until her infection is gone and her organs are working right. The doctors say she has shown a little improvement and they are optimistic, this is the best place she can be. Her lung function is good, kidneys are working. Heart is very stressed. He was very blunt said he’s not going to sugar coat it, she is very sick and right now she has a 50/50 chance.. just because with anyone in ICU there are risks with using these machines. but he definitely is optimistic and he has seen worse. So that being said.. please oh please pray for her!!! I’m so thankful for these doctors.. without them she would be gone!
God has placed Precious Christians here in Denver for us! It’s so strengthening to have them here! Thank you so much for your thought and many prayers.. your offers of help, it’s so humbling and we feel so weak. But we are not alone and we have such a strong God, we know he will take care of us her and our children at home! Please, please continue to pray that that we can accept Gods will for our little girl. We feel like our time with her has been so short but so precious! 

Update 7:  (this morning) 
She had a good night and she is showing slight improvement, so there going to start lowering her life support and see how she does. They feel like her heart is strong and healthy and will do an ECO to make sure she tolerates the change. They are going to increase her fluid intake so her sick little kidneys will keep flushing, their discussing a few options to help her flush the proteins from the rhabdo because her levels are so high there unreadable. Please continue To pray

Thank you for all the thoughts and prayers! Please continue to pray for us! Love, the Wendling family

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