Jocelyn Owens

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WE WILL BE MOVING ALL OUR INFORMATION AND UPDATES  TO OUR DIRECT GOFUNDME PAGE PLEASE VISIT US THERE AT GOFUNDME.COM/JOCELYNOWENS .Welcomewebsite, this is linked with our GoFundMe account just click "ways to help" and choose GoFundMe if you'd like to donate, We are using it to keep family and friends updated in one place. We appreciate your support and words of hope and encouragement. Thank you for visiting.       Where to begin, my wife Jocelyn is the most amazing woman I have ever met. She is caring ,loving, compassionate, intelligent and honestly the loveliest person inside and out that I have ever met. She has had a terribly rough life and has had to endure more than most of us can fathom. I'm starting this page for support for her after her most recent trauma. But I'll go back a few years just to explain a bit. My wife lived a life of adventure and happiness carefree and full of love.  After our first daughter was born she began getting sick weak fatiuged unable to keep up with everything in life, doctor's wrote it off as postpartum depression. It developed into a heart rythm disorder. That fluctuated from tachacardia to bradycardia ending in chronic atrial fibrillation which caused major physical problems including swelling of her heart and heart failure. At one point the doctor's gave her a 5% survival chance. One doctor decided to try a dangerous medication ameoterone which had horrible side effects ,loss of memory motor function issues damaged eyesight... Etc thankfully the drug reduced the size of her heart enough that she was able undergo a less invasive procedure known as a cardiac ablation. After which her symptoms worsened. It took another several months to regain the strength in her heart to undergo a 2nd surgery slightly more effective but unfortunately it did not resolve her problems after a total of 4 ablations and many lost years her heart was finally beating in that glorious sinus rhythm. 

Shortly after her final heart surgery Jocelyn began to have Chronic pain and fatigue which comes in waves of severity, which in turn causes  high levels of anxiety. The doctor's had no answer only to say the trauma of all her heart troubles may be contributing to her problems maybe fibromyalgia maybe  this maybe that. During this time of sickness they also found cancerous cells in her colon which thankfully were able to be removed, unfortunately her sickness did not end there. Many doctors and many more tests. It was agreed upon that she was suffering from an autoimmune disorder most likely Rheumatoid arthritis. 

 For years this disorder  left my once vibrant wife in constant pain, fatigue and isolation . Even after years of self healing, yoga, acupuncture, physical care these conditions have worsened. Jocelyn recently suffered a major breakdown and was hospitalized. She is home now but physically and mentally weak and exhausted with what appears  months of rehabilitation/ therapy  going forward.   I have been home for a month trying to help the rehabilitation process my paid time has run out so any further time I take will be unfortunately unpaid. With the mounting costs of there doctor's appointments per week the co-pays at 75.00 dollars a week alone are imposing  not to mention the rising cost of medication.

 We are not normally not  the ones to ask for help as a matter  of fact Jocelyn  is the one always supporting others giving of herself until nothing is left. Any support that you can spare would help to restore my wife Jocelyn to her once vibrant self would be greatly appreciated.  Anything from loving words , thoughtful prayers to monitary donations is greatly appreciated.  If you choose to make a monitary donations Please use "the ways to help" link and access our GoFundMe account, thanks

Donations will be used for medical expenses and to make the necessary repairs to our home so that we may sell it to downsize to a place more conducive to healing and our budget.

Again if you choose to donate please choose" the ways to help" link and access our GoFundMe account. Donations on the bottom of this page go to caring bridge themselves for upkeep. Thanks

She having a very difficult time speaking right now so texts or warm wishes and prayers and donations through here would be amazing.