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Jocelyn Nelson Jocelyn Nelson

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READ FIRST!!! I MADE A NEW SITE BECAUSE THIS ONE IS BEING DECEPTIVE.  is the new site, please visit there for further updates.

Please use the GoFundMe linked here if you'd want to donate to support Jocelyn. This is not why we set this page up but I know people want to help. The Tribute donation is a donation to the website itself and not us. I feel bad that this site makes me put this but TRIBUTES go directly to the website and do not help us. It's nice seeing the kind words but I feel bad because I don't think people realize it goes to Caring Bridge. The GoFundMe is for us and we have access to that money.

Jocelyn Emmie Nelson was born on March 6th at 11:11am.  She weighed 15 oz and was 11 inches long. Let's go back to the beginning. On February 27th, at 2 am, Minh's water broke at 22 weeks and 2 days into her pregnancy. We rushed her to St. Anthony's hospital to see what might be happening and they confirmed her water broke. After some labs and ultrasounds, they determined that the baby would need to come out or Minh might become septic. As we were already seeing high risk doctors at OU Childrens, we asked to be transferred there for a second opinion. After we were transferred, they ruled out sepsis but treating her infection, which was the possible cause for her water breaking. At 22 weeks, the baby is not considered "viable", because the lungs are not developed enough to survive and there are no tubes small enough to intubate. Jocelyn would have needed to be 24 weeks at minimum. Luckily, she stayed in the womb long enough for Minh to receive steroids, which would progress the lung development by 1 week. We believe this is what saved her life. The plan was to camp out at the hospital for as long as possible with goal of staying until 34 weeks, but statistically, most women go into labor 1 week after their water breaks, and that is what happened. On the following Sunday, Jocelyn kicked her way out of Minh's cervix. We were monitoring her heart rate and things started to sound off, so the doctor checked to see if Minh was dilated and felt two little feet! The doctor pressed her panic button and remained calm as 8 nurses burst through the door to swiftly take Minh for an emergency C-section. Jocelyn arrived 10 minutes later. She is critically stable in the NICU and we hope she will be there until her due date of July 1, 2022. Thank you everyone for all your support and prayers, it means the world to us! Minh and I are home now. We have a long road ahead and pray that she makes it to come home!