Joan Roeters

First post: May 23, 2020 Latest post: May 31, 2020
Last May (2019), Joan was diagnosed with non-small cell carcinoma lung cancer (in her right lung).  If you know Joan – there’s no way she could have gotten this from smoking….except for maybe that Hooka she tried in Dubai last year. If not for that one puff, she can claim to have never smoked in her life.  You can image our shock.

Joan underwent a lobectomy last June to remove the top lobe of her right lung.  This was followed by 9 weeks of chemotherapy.   We were thrilled to learn that, following chemo, there were no signs of cancer Radiation was canceled!!!   Thank you, Jesus!

Doctors estimated that it would take between 3-6 months for Joan to recover from surgery. So, of course we started counting months, weeks and days until she would be back to her ol’ sassy self – traveling, shopping, getting her nails done, and spending time in her garden.  Enjoying Life!

11 months out and Joan continued struggling to breathe.  Everyone agreed that something wasn’t right, and we found ourselves searching for the culprit causing her shortness of breath.  

Late last month (April), the doctors found that the bronchial tubes leading to Joan’s right lung had twisted and partially collapsed during the healing process after her surgery.  They suggested inserting a stint, indicating that this could open up and straighten the bronchial tubes.

At last!!  A solution!   Joan was going to be flush with oxygen, running circles around her gym buddies! 

Disappointment and discouragement felt overwhelming as Joan’s breathing continued to be labored. Zero improvement.  Zero change.  Just more meds to fight off infection. 

Today, Joan is back in the hospital with labored breathing, hoping and praying someone can help find the underlying problem and offer a solution.  Our sassy, self-proclaimed “gym queen” has gone from working out 4-5x each week (before all of this cancer mayhem) to life on her couch.  This isn’t her.  She’s sassy, on the go, and ready to head out in that retro camper she bought.   

Please pray that the doctors will find the underlying problem, with the solution to get her back up on her feet, traveling and doing all the things she loves!