JoAnne Yapp

First post: Jul 15, 2022 Latest post: Jan 11, 2023
On June 12, 2022, I took my health, active mother to the emergency room due to a pain and lump in her groin. We thought maybe a hernia or a bowel obstruction.

She stayed in the hospital for 6 days and had many tests, including a pancreatic endoscopy. She was released from the hospital with a diagnosis of “constipation” and a suggestion of a pulled groin.

After returning home the groin pain became debilitating hip and back pain, and within days, my mom needed help simply moving throughout her house.

In addition, the lump in her groin, which turned out to be a lymph node, was visibly growing- and other lymph nodes were swelling.

Once test results started coming back, it became obvious this was not a pulled groin.

2 weeks after leaving the hospital, my mom was given a diagnosis of stage IV pancreatic cancer.