Joan Grothe Joan Grothe - Updates

First post: May 25, 2020 Latest post: May 30, 2020
Here's the story to get everyone up to speed.

Over the last few months Joan has had shortness of breath and chest pressure so she decided to get checked out. The stress test showed possible cardiac issues so a heart catheterization was ordered. The heart cath revealed a couple blockages (90% blocked) so open heart surgery was scheduled for Sat May 23rd @ 8:00am.

Around noon we received a call from Dr Kingston who let us know that everything went as expected and Joan was doing great.

Joan arrived back in her hospital room around 4pm breathing on her own and settling in.

Nursing staff expect to have her sitting up and standing by 8PM tonight and walking around by Sunday.

As you can image, we are receiving tons of calls and texts (which are very much appreciated) but we plan on using Caring Bridge to keep everyone up to date.

Thank you to all for the thoughts and prayers they are truly appreciated and she will need them in the coming weeks of rehab.

stay tuned for more update...

Feel free to reach out to the family if you wish.....

Love you all Tracy, Lori, Micheal and Family