Jinny Hilf

First post: Apr 22, 2018 Latest post: Aug 1, 2022
When this website was created, Jinny herself was the author.  Four years later, she is unable to write so I, daughter Heidi, am taking over writing.  Jinny is now in  her 100th year, and doing pretty well, but dementia has set in.  She had brief hospital stay hospital stay this summer and an unfortunate visit to a locked memory care unit, but she soon returned home to the fourth floor assisted living "suites" at Augustana Apartments in downtown Minneapolis.  It's the same address:  1020 E. 17th St., Minneapolis MN. 55405, but the apartment number is now #436.  The staff is kind to her, rolling her into the common area to watch TV and chat with them.  One week she missed her All Important Hair Appointment (which I take her to every Wednesday).  Staff members felt sorry for her and so corn rowed her hair.  No kidding.  Much to  my regret, I neglected to take a photo.  She told me that it felt good to have someone "do" her hair.  The staff also pays attention to what she wears, correcting me when Jane and I tried to recycle all her blue jeans.  "But she looks so cute in her jeans!" a nursing assistant told me.  When the staff cares what your 99 year old mother wears, you know you're in a good place.  

 We take one day at a time.  Please opt in for notifications when new updates are posted.  Your prayers are appreciated.  If you want to mail anything to Jinny, the best thing is to send it to my house:  2544 29th Avenue South, Minneapolis MN. 55406.  If you want to speak to her on the phone, the best thing would be to set it up with me.  My cell phone is 6122967878.  She doesn't answer the phone anymore.
Thanks for reading this.  It's easier for me to communicate via this website than to try to get something out via text or e-mail to all who love Jinny, Grandma, Mom.