Jinny Hilf

First post: Apr 22, 2018 Latest post: May 8, 2018
The time has finally come for me not to live alone anymore.   On March 17, daughter Heidi drove me and some of my stuff to Minneapolis where I will make my new home.  Heidi then took me to her doctor who proclaimed that I was the healthiest 95 year old she had ever examined.  Nonetheless I have some health problems -- most notably heart failure due in part to a heart attack that I had had some years ago and never knew about -- which are being treated successfully with medication.  I spent two days in the University of Minnesota Medical Center where I received scans, tests and X-rays.  I was discharged home.  The docs said I wasn't sick enough to go to rehab! 
Here in Minneapolis I have  not only Heidi and her husband Frank but granddaughter Jane, her husband Andy and their precious 9-month-old baby boy, Aaron.  I go to church at Peace Presbyterian Church where Heidi is the pastor. 

Our big project now is to find permanent  senior independent housing for me.  We've toured several places.  The one I like best is in downtown Minneapolis:  Augustana Apartments.  They are practically next to the new football stadium, in a residential urban area near a small college.  I am on the waiting list for a one bedroom.  I chose Augustana Apartments because of they have book groups, a bridge club and regular exercise classes.  Although I will have my own kitchen in my own apartment, plan to eat some meals in the dining room.  My friends know I have always liked to go out to eat. 

The house at Stop 16 will be sold.  If you know anyone who is interested, let me know!

I miss my friends, neighbors, church, house and beach, but there comes a time when you can't do it all alone anymore.  I'll keep you posted about how things develop,.  For now my address is 2544 29th Avenue South, Minneapolis MN  55406.  The best way to reach me is through Heidi's cell phone:  612.296.7878.  I expect to get my own phone and new number later this week.